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A farm holiday

With the taste of fresh milk

Farming has centuries-old traditions in ValBadia. It’s easy to notice it by travelling through the valley and encountering here and there characteristic rural settlements “les viles” and imposing ancient farms, such as Ciasa Sorà in Colfosco. In addition to the authentic buildings, the farm features a modern loose house for raising dairy cows of the Braunvieh (Alpine Brown) breed and the Pezzata Rossa Italiana (Italian Red-Pied) breed. Upon request and for the joy of small guests, the landlords are happy to organize guided tours of the cowshed and to explain the peculiarities of the farm life.

During the summer season the immersion into the rural world is even more complete: the surrounding meadows smell of fresh hay and farmers are busy preparing the best possible forage for their cattle. This particular care and passion are then perceived throughout the whole year in the flavoursome fresh milk, that the guests of Ciasa Sorà apartments in Colfosco can enjoy, upon request, every day.

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